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Midwest Neurology and Chiropractic Center is dedicated to improving patient treatment outcomes. It is our desire to cooperate, assist and work alongside all patient healthcare providers. If you sense a patient has plateaued during the course of treatment, consider allowing us to be “another set of eyes or ears” concerning neurological issues. Sometimes, a fresh examination of a patient is very effective, helping you take your patient to the next level of health or function.

As a functional neurology center, we apply specific and individualized neurological stimulation unique to each patient, in an effort to bring about critical necessary changes in the neuraxis. This in turn, allows the person’s impaired neurological pathways that are either over or under functioning, the necessary incentive to accelerate healing to an imbalanced system. Simply put, wrong input results in wrong output. If the input can be modified or changed, the output will change as well. Cutting edge, neurological rehabilitation makes health and improvement more than possible to many health issues previously considered beyond hope.

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