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Feeling confused, uncertain, perplexed, disoriented? Here's what patients can expect when they visit our office.
Every patient that walks into our office is as unique as a fingerprint, just like our logo. Two individuals can come in with lower back problems and similar symptoms, but require two very different problem resolutions. Our health practice is unique, as we seek the cause of a problem. We enjoy answering ‘why’ a patient has any given symptom. We seek to resolve the hidden issue, not just to provide a “Band-Aid” of temporary relief.

As you make your way around our website, we hope you can see that we are very different from other practitioners. This is reflective in our required patient forms. Yes, there are a great deal of forms and yes we actually do read them (an authentic statement from a patient). All of the health forms requested are intentionally comprehensive. Certain forms, if requested, “paint a picture” of neurotransmitter function for the brain, gut, immune system and thyroid. This provides our physicians with a wealth of information, allowing accurate conclusions to be drawn and correct decisions about your care to be made in a timely fashion.

A Chiropractic Functional Neurologist often conducts a comprehensive battery of tests.These may include outside services of CT/CAT Scan, MRI and NCV/EMG to assess the integrity of the brain and or nerve structures. Additional laboratory tests may be ordered to evaluate physiology. These are critical and answer questions about how the body is actually functioning and the potential resources a body has available for use. If needed, specialized testing to assess adrenal, thyroid, gut, and immune panels will be run, as this can give invaluable information as to why a person is experiencing certain symptoms or problems.

Our goal is simple; to improve the brain’s ability to make one move and think better. Life is demanding and movement is vitally important. Often physical challenges, accidents or disease change the stability of our mental ability, making our brains either under-active or over-active. A functional Neurologist provides hope and balance to the brain by creating specific neurorehabilitation exercises for patients. Some people like to think of this as ‘rehab’ for the brain. If our brains have a sense of balance, our bodies are stronger and hope is restored.

There are many healthy options to speed up the healing process. In many instances, dietary modifications can be made to reduce substances that increase inflammation and/or raise blood sugar which continues to drive the problem. (Click here to visit our Learning Center for more information about healthy eating plans.)  Acupuncture is also a valuable tool that aids in providing improved signaling to the brain, all the while blocking or reducing pain. Proper dietary supplementation is also a valuable resource, as this increases the raw materials to aid in repair and recovery. Last, a Chiropractic adjustment may be necessary to help the brain work at an improved level.

As each patient is a unique and valuable person, treatments are personalized and styled to support the individual. No treatment plan is “one size that fits all”. Your first appointment will set the stage and provide a foundation for the much needed background information and timeline for your healing. Usually, care is divided into two categories: neurological and musculoskeletal.

Complex Neurological Conditions
The first appointment comprises a detailed history review, comprehensive neurological and/or orthopedic exam, and if needed, a diagnostic exam using the Videonystagraphy, Posturography, and Saccadometry). These exams provide a thorough “functional window” about how your brain/body are working in real-time. This exam process will take between 60 to 90 minutes.

The second appointment for a complex case will review our report of findings, all testing outcome and recommendations for care begin. This process normally takes approximately 45 to 60 minutes.

Musculoskeletal Issues
The first appointment comprises a detailed history review, comprehensive neurological and/or orthopedic exam. If the problem is strictly musculoskeletal and the testing warrants, treatment will commence. If the exam does not include the additional diagnostic tests, treatment normally takes between 30 to 45 minutes.

The second appointment for a musculoskeletal issue begins with a review progress and recommendations for care will be continued. Appointments at this stage are approximately 30 minutes or less. If the patient has shown improvement, “homework or special exercises” will be assigned to target areas of weakness, this quickens the healing response and recovery is much faster.

Subsequent Appointments
Patients are continually monitored and assessed. Individualized patient treatments are modified to increase progress. Our continual goal is to help you enjoy life to the fullest.

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